Monday, May 28, 2007


An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, unless moved upon by an outside force.

I have been an object at rest, blogwise. But I got "Bah! Update" -ed by Chrissa, Dan has started giving me a sarcastic laugh when I tell him he needs to update, and he also warns me that if I don't keep on it, I could become a spamlog like Chrissa. Oh, the horror. So here I am.

It's not that I've been "resting" in my life -- but I guess I've been transitioning and changing and my attention has been focused on a few immeasurably important things, leaving little for the "outside world." But I've been gathering strength, ideas, and a desire to stretch out, and this is a small manifestation of that attempt. My hope is that this attempt, no matter how small, will still represent motion -- one small step further into the stream, where perhaps the current will sweep me to where it becomes easier to write. Where I write simply. Where all that counts is my thoughts, and your thoughts, and I don't have to have a message that will change the world, or a smash hit of humor, or a creative unifying theme to blog about. How I long to just let this be truly an online journal -- for in my journals, when I can truly write unhindered and uninhibited, I feel like I'm swimming in myself, rich in reality. "Swimming in myself" -- sounds vain, perhaps, but for me -- who longs for fearless openness with the universe and all things in it, but because of fear treads carefully -- then an outlet where I can swim naked in my thoughts, and unafraid, is a beautiful thing.

That is all for now. But it is something, and for this, I feel triumphant and happy.