Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life, the Universe, and Everything...

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. It's been a whirlwind of a year. Looking back, I realize that 2006 was the most trying (& tiring) year of my life, but an important one, and one filled with some of my happiest memories.

The hardest parts of the year: 1) dealing with chemically/hormonally induced depression and anxiety attacks (which made life very confusing) and 2) Lora's onset of cancer - including all her hospital stays, watching her lose motor skills & function, and especially watch her go through so much pain (both physical & emotional), and then basically trying to cover for my mom as she's become Lora's full-time caretaker. (Pic: Lu in rehab after September's surgery)

The best parts of the year: 1) The "best" is reserved for Dan. It was almost one year ago that Dan and I started dating. We had a long, slow start, but it's been a steady climb this year. He grew to be my best friend, and now we're getting married!!! (Pic @ right: our first choice for our wedding announcement...what do you think? Just kidding. Pic below is our real feelings...)

We've been through a lot, and we'll go through a lot more, and there's no one I'd rather have at my side. It's been a gradual, thoughtful, effort & prayer-filled process, and he's been a pillar of strength and comfort to me during some very difficult times.

Through this last year, I came to understand more and more WHY I kept (and keep) choosing Dan over other guys. I love the opportunity to know - deep in my heart - that there is something very unique about
Dan (and our relationship), that I didn't have - and didn't want - with anyone else. So, if all goes well...on March 10th, 2007, I will officially become Marci Dorman. Better start getting used to it.

(If you need help transitioning, you can call me Marci Mc-Dorman between now and the wedding.)

Honorable mentions for the year:

2) Traveling to Panama and Mexico with VIDA humanitarian group (Pic @ left: Panamanian kids looking at themselves on my digital camera) 3) Visiting Jared & Chrissa out east at their new home 4) Shauna moving back to Utah 5) Getting the garage nearly cleaned out 4) Going to Hawaii to photograph a wedding 5) Forming a great new friendship with Kristin Burnett 6) Melanie Andrus returning from her mission 7) Volunteering at the homeless shelter in Salt Lake (I've always wanted to do that) 8) Serving as Relief Society Pres. -- which was FAR out of my comfort zone, but has been a great learning experience.

Sorry it's a little short, and not very well-written, but I didn't have much time, and I just had to tell you the news. I hope you all will be able to be there.

By the way, I'll tell you how Dan proposed to me once I get the pictures. I love visual aids.


At 12:44 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

Man I love you guys!

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Julare said...

You look glamtastic! I am a little confused, I thought your new name was going to be Marci McDorman?

At 3:59 AM, Anonymous Jared said...

That was a great post! I loved the first-choice wedding announcement...and your huddle with the Panamanian kids.

(Aren't digital cameras great? Chrissa wanted one for so long and I kept holding out. We save so much money on film! This is not the first time Chrissa has been right about something either...)

McDorman does have a nice ring to it. But I wonder if McDonalds would McSue you.

(my word verification is pdpqp...which looks like the letter "d" doing acrobatics)

At 8:56 AM, Anonymous jared said...

A quote I liked that reminded me of you:

A photographer must merge into the walls. Photos must either be taken swiftly, with all the attendant risks, or only after infinite patience.

Bruno Barbey

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Marci said...

I like that. It's very true, in my experience. My best photos are always those fast/risky shots or the ones that I have to wait patiently for. The stuff in between tends to suck.

At 8:09 PM, Blogger kristin said...

Marci--just so you know, I definitely forget getting together, but I didn't have your phone number with me when I was downtown. Duh. Now that I have it and your email and blog spot...onward ho. Life's been crazy and I actually had my first ever melt down of tears. I guess having 5 jobs right now is slightly excessive. You'd appreciate this. During the teary meltdown (which felt really good by-the-way) I went into to get Jake his temple get up from the distribution center. Well the women all thought I was buying burial clothing and I was finally able to say, "No I am just a social worker and stressed out right these tears feel really good." Awkward for them, but we got through it.

Mailing address;
4623 Park Manor Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84117

What's your schedule like in the next week or so...I guess besides finalizing your wedding :)

At 8:10 PM, Blogger kristin said...

That first sentence didn't make sense. It was supposed to say, I definitely didn't forget. That's just for the record.

At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Chrissa said...

Baaah! Update, update!

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Brad Kartchner said...

Forgive me for popping in here, as you (Marci) really don't know me, although we attended High School together.

I stumbled across your blog after seeing one of your paintings (again) in the Davis High School auditorium while taking my daughter to a dance recital. It really brought me back.

Anyway, I just wanted to say great blog! You were one of my inspirations through High School and it looks like you are continuing to inspire me.

Hopefully you won't mind if I pop in from time to time... great stuff!

Oh, and congratulations!


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