Friday, January 28, 2005

pain is a good teacher

I write because I'm afraid that my life will be meaningless if all that I've learned is forgotten. I write because I want to change myself. Sometimes I share my "lessons" -- the things that life and experience teach me (a reward for paying attention, I guess) -- with others. Things like "Pain is a good teacher." And yet, I don't love pain - nor feel the need to wallow in it in order to learn -- I just love the lessons that come on the other side: Like that I'll survive it. Pain, while recurring, isn't permanent. Great lesson, often forgotten and relearned -- just as valuable every time. But the lesson becomes lost if you don't find the peace, too.

"Fling yourself straight into life, without deliberation. The floods will bear you to the banks and set you safe on your feet again." Dostoevsky.

That's enough to start.


The Beginning

I get lost in my own thoughts.